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When our three pound chihuahua mix became very ill one night after hours we called Sage and they told us that they could not see her for hours, but we could come sit in the parking lot and wait. We called South Bay Animal Hospital and they could take her right away. They did just that, and diagnosed her with a blockage. They definitely saved her life. They sent pictures and videos over night… and were so nice!! We are grateful.

Deanna Rosa

We had an emergency with our cat, he suddenly couldn’t use either of his hind legs. What a shock. We called several local emergency clinics, they said we’d have to wait 4 to 6 hours. As we drove towards one in San Mateo I made one last call to South Bay Animal Hospital in San Jose. Her voice was so compassionate. She could hear our kitty was in pain and said they would see him right away. When we got there they took him in immediately. Unfortunately the prognosis was not good and we ended up deciding we had to put him down. The vet and staff were very sympathetic. About 10 days later we received a sympathy card from South Bay Animal Hospital. Not only did we receive the card but it was completely full of long personal notes from no less than seven people. It brought us to tears. We really felt like they felt our loss with us. We highly recommend South Bay Animal Hospital.

Valarie Kitaura

I called in at night with some urgent questions about my dog who had just undergone a mass removal surgery during the day. In assessing whether or not we should come in for emergency services I spoke with two truly caring and empathetic individuals who took the time to listen to our case, look at pictures, and give very supportive and thoughtful advice. I could tell they that were truly concerned and cared about our dog, even though we didn’t end up needing to come in. They didn’t have to do that, and I have so much gratitude for this. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Alice L

Honestly, saved the day! Only animal hospital or vet that would provide same day emergency dental surgery on my 11 year old cat. I called over 40 vets in various areas and SB animal hospital is the only one that said they would take her dental emergency. I had no clue dental was a specialty and nobody would help me! I was at a loss. Took her to surgery right away and took my 5+ calls during her stay as I needed to check in on her every hour on the hour. Everyone was so sweet to me and my kitty. I was so scared I would lose her dude to her age but they assured me she would be just fine. They even sent me pictures after she was out of surgery as I just wanted to see my baby. Bottom line, I would pay for this place over anyone else due to how much They gained my trust. I definitely recommend SB Animal hospital and WILL be back.

Jenn Loughborough

I visited South Bay Animal Hospital for the first time last week at 12:30AM because I caught my cat eating about 10 inches of a birthday bag ribbon. 🥲 I have a leg injury and wasn’t quick enough to stop him, so off to the ER we went. Staff and Dr. Atwal were so kind during this stressful time. They were realistic about our options and we opted to follow Dr. Atwal’s advice to use an injection to induce vomiting. They worked quickly, and said it was about a 50/50 chance that he’d successfully throw it up and sure enough he did!!! A staff member even called to check in on how my cat was doing a few days after. I’m so grateful for the South Bay team and Dr.Awtal!! 🐈‍⬛

Kaila Kiefer

The staff there is very compassionate. I brought my dog who passed away after 14 years at home to be cremated there and they were so nice this happened at 11 pm and they are open 24 hours. The staff was really nice. I thought it was going to be extremely expensive but it was affordable. They gave my family time to say good. Yes!! they didn’t rush us.

Elyse Benito

On Halloween night; I had a terrifying experience. As I was sitting down to do some sewing- I heard my cat, Layla start chewing on something. Keep in mind this is not new for her to confuse herself with a Billy-goat and eat everything. She had eaten some thread. I tried to get it out but in doing so I had tied a knot around her tong which cut off blood flow to her tong (yes I know I spelled that wrong) and it was quickly turning an awful grey color. Trying to find a 24 hour vet is very difficult that is not 30 minutes away. We did not have time for that. Thankfully this place is around. The vet on duty that night- Dr. Atwood, expertly removed the culprit and took extra precaution by letting her stay over night to be sure all was well. The staff is very professional and kind. I would not hesitate to bring Layla there again. Is it expensive? I’d say it’s about average for this area.
Farrah Lewis

My husband and I absolutely love South Bay and everyone that works there. They’ve been there for us during some of our scariest moments. We absolutely trust that they have our pets best interests in mind. Dr. Atwal is an incredible healer who absolutely loves animals and this is reflected in the staff that he chooses to work there. We know that when we take Einstein and Begonia to South Bay, we’re confident that there isn’t any other place that provides better care.
Alexis Zeluff